Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rockhouse Creek at anchor

Close enough to see a lighthouse but not the ocean
Ann backed Fleetwing out of the slip this morning while I handled the lines and pushed the boat off the dock. There was a couple that came in yesterday where the wife was also at the wheel and the man was handling the lines but it’s a rarity. It makes sense to have strength where it’s needed, next to the dock. It takes no strength to steer the boat, it just takes practice but handling the lines where you might occasionally have to pull to get the boat to the dock does sometimes require strength, best suited to those with more muscle. Regardless, Ann backed it out, hit reverse and swung the boat 180 to guide it out of the marina, no sweat.

No house, no road, just a mailbox??
We didn’t have to go far today, only 12 miles or so to Rockhouse Creek. It’s a protected anchorage with a sandy beach for Hoolie relief, perfect! If you go far enough into the anchorage, you can actually reach the ocean by crossing the sand dunes. We didn’t go that due to Hoolie. A lot of places along this stretch has big signs on the ocean beach saying “No Dogs” with a $100 fine if you’re caught. We didn’t see any signs here but we didn’t want to test the waters.

Just sat and enjoyed the sunset for a hour, can't do that at home
I tested the depths with my portable depth sounder in the dinghy and it turns out that it’s 12 feet right up to the north shore so we have plenty of water for Fleetwing. There are about 7 other boats in the anchorage for the night. It’s quiet, the moon is out, little wind, very nice!