Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halifax River YC at Daytona

Halifax River YC at night
This is a ritzy place. They have over 800 members and the clubhouse has three restaurants. You’re met by the steward who helps you with your boat and then offers a free bag of ice, all this for $0.75/ft! In order to participate, you have to show that you’re a member of a yacht club which of course was no problem for us.

We haven’t been to Daytona for many years so we’re renting a car Thursday and exploring the area. We want to see the beach, shop for groceries and sightsee. The car from Enterprise is only $32/day so it’s reasonable.

Our guard dog!
We had dinner in the clubhouse tonight and left Hoolie in charge of guarding the boat which he did with just a little enthusiasm since he really wanted to come with us. We've taken to leaving him in the cockpit instead of downstairs, there’s less trouble he can get into and the outside sights and sounds gives him something to do. Brittney’s are great problem solvers, often with problems you don’t want them to solve. When we leave him downstairs, we close both the forward and aft cabins but he’s found out how to open the forward cabin door – too smart. We’ll stay here a few days, the temps are to be 75 to 77, not bad for November.