Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halifax River YC at Daytona – We rent a car and drive on the beach

Dayton Beach - but no dogs allowed!
When we were much younger, we used to drive down for a family vacation in Sanibel, Florida. At that time was had a Vega station wagon with a family dog who curled up in back behind Carrie and Philip. It didn’t seem so tight at the time but it must have been. Well, our tradition was to always find a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) place and order a bucket, drive onto the beach at Daytona and watch the waves come in as we ate supper. In the ensuring years our numbers have dropped to just Ann and I (and Hoolie!) but we continued the tradition today. We found a KFC place, got a bucket and watched the waves from our car on the beach at Daytona just like old times but somehow not really the same.

Nice boardwalk
Meanwhile, we explored Daytona. There were two botanical gardens we wanted to visit but the big signs outside said, “No Dogs”! If they don’t’ want our dog, then they don’t want us! So we just drove around looking at the sights. Daytona is very clean and appears to be in good repair. We saw no graffiti, no chipped paint, nothing in near of repair – at least not near the beach where we went. It seems very well kept.

All in a row
We had a hard time finding grapefruit. We’re apparently about a week ahead of the harvest. The one place we did find said they would be in next Tuesday, too late for us unless we find a place in Vero. We’ll certainly buy a bushel on our way north for Christmas. There is just nothing to compare to fresh grapefruit, they are so sweet. We’ll spend one more day here before continuing our trip south.