Sunday, May 19, 2019

Waterway Guide Cottage - our last day, end of blog for spring

Fleetwing on the hard, may she rest in peace for the summer!
We took the canvas off today and stored it all inside, carefully laid out so the glass wouldn't be wrinkled. It was hot in the full sun which served as a reminder of what it's like here during the summer months. We have the dehumidifier set up inside to cycle at 50% so we hope that's enough to keep the mildew at bay. We've never stored Fleetwing over the summer on the hard so it's a new experience for us.

Our stay in the cottage has been a godsend. The accommodations were first rate and the view can't be beat. We just like to sit on the porch and watch the goings and comings of the boats. I have one more major chore before launching Fleetwing in the fall and that's redoing the dinghy bottom. I have to get the dinghy bottom back to just fiberglass without any residue from the barnacles which is going to involve a chemical treatment to dissolve the calcium deposits left by the barnacles. That will probably be a very hot chore but we need a good bottom on the dinghy for the upcoming trip south in the fall.

Our view off the porch at our "cottage" which is more like a country house. What more to want?
We will be leaving for points north on Monday morning to reach our daughter in Pennsylvania at our halfway point. Then it's on to Lagrangeville the next day, our home for the summer. We have lots of things planned for the summer that includes having four of our grandkids over for three weeks, a week for everyone in Ocean City, NJ, a week for us on a road trip to Maine to explore old haunts, and trip back here to do the dinghy and then a final trip back here to splash Fleetwing and continue on to Key West which we missed dearly this year!

This is the last official blog for this season. There will be sporadic blogs on special events during the summer but not the daily blog like when we're cruising. This year, the blog will restart upon our return to Stingray Point Boat Works at the end of September and this time it will continue all the way to Key West! Wish up good luck!


SV Puffin said...

Always a pleasure to see what you are up to and all the boat tips along the way. Have a safe summer and enjoy the family. I used 50% muriatic acid on the barnacle residue for our dinghy. Brush on, let sit and rinse off. Took 3 times and a few took a little scrubbing with the brush but not hard work. Stay down wind. I used an ablative paint from Total boat. I'll know by August if it works.
Take Care,
Pat and Kathy

Fred Brillo said...


Spray the interior surfaces with white vinegar! It will inhibit mildew and mold growth. It won't hurt fabrics or fiberglass. It will kill any spores that are present. The boat will smell like a winery when you return, but will have alot less mildew.