Thursday, May 16, 2019

Stingray Point Boat Works - ready to be hauled

We are ready for haulout Friday morning!
We had waited for a calm day to go north and today it arrived. We had a west wind, not a north wind, and it was less than on Wednesday. It was a fitting end to a cruise that mostly had good weather the entire trip from Titusville.

The travel lift dwarfs what we have at the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club
However,, it's a somewhat sad day. Our stay on Fleetwing is ending tomorrow morning when it's hauled and put up on land for the summer. When we're hauled at the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club, we are full participants but here, the yard does all the work. They provide the labor, the boat stands and any wood needed to level the boat. They also have water and electricity available. Best of all, the entire yard is surrounded by 60 ft high trees which provide an outstanding windbreak.

I like the protection provided by the tall trees
So our cruise is ending early this year. There's no trip down the Delaware, up the New Jersey coast, up the Hudson River - we're done Friday! From what we heard of northeast weather from our family still there, it's not been a warm spring. I think we made the right choice.

I'm part of Waterway Guide and they have a cottage here for use by their people and we get to use it while we're hauling Fleetwing and when we come down in the summer to work on it. We plan to launch the end of September and start down the ICW yet again but this time all the way to Key West!


Bob said...

Bob - great writing as always, so look forward to opening your updates each day. Will be watching and waiting for any updates over the summer, then again in September when you head south. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable trip back up this way - bring some of the consistent warm weather with you if you have room in the rental car, somewhere in the back seat next to Hoolie.

SV Fancy Free said...

Have a great Summer, Bob and Ann!
SV Fancy Free

Bob423 said...

Bob, since we will start from Deltaville instead of from New York, it will be a difference experience in the fall - in not having to worry about getting down the coast of New Jersey while dodging hurricanes! I think warm weather is finally on the way in the northeast.

Fancy Free, we have a road trip to Maine on the agenda, a week at Ocean City, NJ with all the kids, three weeks in the summer with all the grandkids visiting (sans parents), and I have the 2019 edition to get out. Busy?