Thursday, May 9, 2019

Homer Smith in Beaufort, NC - provisioning

There's a free maritime museum in Beaufort and this exhibit shows the details of how to shoot a
 line to a distant ship that's aground. The arrangement is called "flaking the line" so it will
leave at high speed without binding 
The weather continued its unabated pleasantness with temps in the 70's and low humidity. One of the perks of Home Smith is their courtesy car. We took advantage of the opportunity to visit Lowe's, an upscale supermarket in the local area I would recommend.

At one time, we wanted a sailing dinghy, just like this. That time has past now
We took a walk to downtown in the afternoon which is only about four blocks from Homer's along shaded sidewalks. All of downtown looked fully operational. They had suffered during last fall's hurricanes but seem to be fully recovered now. There are plenty of docks downtown but we like Homer Smith's for the lack of current in docking and nicer docks with the courtesy car and great WiFi.

The end of a nice day
We plan on reaching RE Mayo on Friday afternoon and meet up with the Zeisings fo wine and dinner. The Neuse is predicted to be relatively calm with a south wind so it ought to be a good trip, we hope.