Thursday, May 2, 2019

Georgetown, SC - at a dock

There is a local artisan shop nearby where you can buy locally made items
We didn't have all that far to go today but it was through the shallows of McClellanville and Minum Creek. The least we saw at McClellanville was 4.2 MLLW which was fine with our 4.7 foot tide above MLLW. I recorded a track for others to follow.

We never miss a chance to buy fish from Independent Seafood 
We met up again with friends along the way and had a great time over wine in the cockpit. During the hurricanes this fall, Woody Cooper was key in keeping us informed of the happenings in the areas of Georgetown and the Socastee Bridge which has had a history of being non-operational during times of high water. We were also visited again by Phil and Michelle who went outside from Charleston to Georgetown instead of taking the ICW inside route due to low water and their 6' 7" keel. It's always good to hear from friends along the way.

What they have is fresh!
We are all watching the weather for Friday with thunderstorms predicted during the day. We are only about four hours away from our destination at Osprey Creek on Friday but we won't leave if the storms are too severe. It looks like a Friday morning decision.