Sunday, May 5, 2019

St James Plantation Marina - Windy day and Ann's paintings

One of Ann's recent paintings of a scene from B&B Seafood
There were predictions of strong winds and some thunderstorms so we stayed put today. We had intended staying through Sunday anyway but the weather confirmed our choice. I spent the day doing ICW stuff on the Facebook page and updating Waterway Guide hazard alerts. We never did the rains but we did get wins over 20 kts on the river.

Another scene along the way. I like the way she captured the water and the flowers in the foreground.
Meanwhile, Ann's been painting and I think she's expanding into new territory for her. One bonus I have it being able to enjoy her paintings all the time as they are set around the boat. She paints from scenes along the way on the ICW.

And we ended the day with a sunset
We are looking at the wind prediction for Monday morning. We will have a flood tide which is ideal for going up the Cape Fear River. The only problem is that a 15 kt wind with higher gusts out of the north is also predicted. That would put wind against tide which is never a good thing. It's not that it's dangerous, we just know from past experience that it would be uncomfortable - so why do it? On the next day, the winds will subside for a better ride north. A day here and there does not make much of a difference for us and we would rather be comfortable.