Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Downtown Hampton Public Piers - at a dock

Things are looking up at Downtown Hampton Public Peirs, nearly full
Once you join their cruising club, you only pay $1/ft for dockage and get every fourth day free. There's a fee for joining the club that varies by length of your boat but it's still a good deal. We made use of their laundry facilities today which are not enough to satisfy demand. There was a line all day long. The dockmaster said they would be adding one washer and one dryer in the near future.

There's a free, 72-hour dock just beyond the bridge (too low for sailboats but fine for powerboats)
Fleetwing will come out of the water for the summer this coming Friday at Stingray Boat Works. We will store it on land while we're up north during the summer. It fits in well with their openings since they are full during the winter but not so much during the summer. We will launch Fleetwing in the fall, probably in late September for our trip south again on the ICW to Key West.

Another strangely colored  bird
Meanwhile, there are lots of things to do to get Fleetwing ready for the summer storage. We will be buying a dehumidifier to keep the interior dry and hopefully free of mold and mildew. We have a car rental reserved for the trip north.

Our night heron says hi again!
Thursday is predicted to be a good day for going north with winds out of the west that will die off in the afternoon. We will spend our last night on the boat then with a haulout scheduled for Friday morning.


Fred Brillo said...

Bob...a couple of things.... I have a buddy who keeps a humidifier running on his boat here in Ft. Lauderdale....he puts it on the galley counter and the overflow drains into the sink and out of the boat.. thus he never has to drain it... He disables the float switch so it never shuts off.

Secondly... Have you noticed that WINDY now has tide forecasts... found it last night by accident...not sure of its accuracy though.

Have a great trip home. See ya next year.

Bob423 said...

Fred, we took your advice and bought a dehumidifier for Fleetwing. It has a bypass for a hose connection which I fed to the A/C seacock. Hopefully, that will help prevent mildew. Next season we’ll get to key West, hope to see you along the way.