Monday, May 13, 2019

Free dock across from Atlantic Yacht Basin - At a fixed dock

Good, sturdy docks - and free!
According to the forecasts, we had a window in the morning to travel before rain caught up with us in the afternoon. We didn't have far to go so we had a leisurely breakfast and shoved off around 8:30 or so.

The Boy Scouts recreated the historic way of making a fence, no posts needed - it seems to use up a lot of wood though
The ICW has shoaled in along the edges but the middle is fine and with Aqua Map display of the USACE surveys, it's very simple to stay right in the middle at the deepest point of the channel. Just steer in the blue or at least in the green shaded area, just avoid the red!

Just a wonderful nature trail through the woods
We reached the free docks which are in a park setting and only found two other boats tied up. There was room for three more so there are still places for two more boats. The docks are very substantial and well kept. The park has several nature trails and a history trail for one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War at Great Bridge. If you ever stop here, be sure to walk the trails, it was all very interesting. 

We will go through Great Bridge and the locks tomorrow and take a dock at Downtown Hampton Public Piers for the night. Gordon and Eta will meet us at the marina for dinner at their place. The next day, we will leave for Deltaville and Stingray Point if the weather holds. It will be the home of Fleetwing for the summer as we head back north in a rental car. The spring cruise is coming to an end but there's always next fall!