Friday, May 3, 2019

Osprey Marina - at a dock

There's a nice, long facedock on the way in - but electric does not extend to the far end
There were forecasts of thunderstorms all day today but when we got up in the morning, the forecast had changed to afternoon storms. Since Osprey Marina less than four hours away, we opt'ed for heading out. It turned out to be a good decision, the storms never materialized. Also helping out was the one knot of flood current pushing us north on the river. 

The high water almost reached the porch of the marina office
We reached Osprey by 11:15 and took a dock with electricity. The long dock on the way in still does not have electric all the way along its length. We got a dock close to the clubhouse this time, no golf cart rides for us on this visit. There are still signs of the high water they experienced with the summer hurricanes. However, the marina has fully recovered and everything is operational. The best part of all is the dockage price of only $1.00/ft! They even have free WiFi and a goody bag. 

We will be leaving in the morning for a 50 mile trip to St James Plantation Marina to meet up with the McKays. We will attend one of Hank Pomeranz's famous ICW briefings at Southport and go out for dinner. We're looking forward to a fun time!