Saturday, May 26, 2018

Utsch's at Cape May - at a dock, last day

They are installing new bulkheads and in the meantime, there are no height boards.
I bought Ann the 2018 iPad which has the same chip as the more expensive iPad Pro but only costs $325 for the least expensive model with 32 GB of storage. However, it can use the Apple pencil and she tried touching up several photos today. Ann paints in pastels but she still enjoys modifying photos with the pencil on her iPad. Welcome to the digital age!

It seems like the middle of summer here with temps in the high 80's. I hiked over to the nearest convenience store to pick up some small items and it felt like a heat wave. I guess we didn't wait too long after all to come north. We see that there's a storm brewing in the Gulf and we would like to get home before that unleases rain and wind along the coast.

Utsch's Marina is a popular place to get props repaired from hitting things in the water
With that in mind, we are leaving Utsch's on Sunday for Atlantic City with the hope that we have good enough weather on Monday for the trip north. I'll take Ann out to the Charthouse at the Golden Nugget Sunday night to celebrate our moving north (we'll celebrate anything...) I have enough data for two more rounds of the Weather App Shootout and I'll get another round of data when we finally move north from Atlantic City. The only problem is finding the time to put all the articles together. We will take a last look at the forecasts Sunday morning and then it's decision time.