Friday, May 18, 2018

Hampton - last day we hope

Waiting for weather
Hampton is stacked up with boats waiting for weather to go north. In the photo, you can see seven boats at anchor by our marina and one more came in later today. The boat to the farthest right is anchored right in the middle of the channel but nobody bothered him. I imagine there will be a few leaving Saturday.

View from above - from the parking garage with mother duck and her little ones
If you look at The Weather Channel, it shows thunderstorms every hour of the day for today, tomorrow, Sunday, etc. So the day went by and we had some rain but no thunderstorms. We are getting tired of sitting in weather good enough to move in.

Our salad tonight was garden fresh! Hampton maintains a garden for cruisers
We rented a car today and stocked up on a few things, not a lot but just enough to get us to Solomons where I can hike the mile to the nearest supermarket and get perishables. The dinghy only has one tube out of three holding air, nuts! I found a Westmarine and I'll try some patching over the next few days. I'm trying Tear Aid and also Polymarine adhesive for Hypalon. It holds air long enough to get Hoolie to shore and back at least.

The Taphouse, our favorite restaurant in Hampton, inexpensive and good
Needless to say, watching the weather predictions is the biggest hobby on Fleetwing. The winds are out of the south at 10 to 15 and any rain is not predicted to materialize until later in the afternoon. If that forecast holds, we'll leave Saturday morning around 8:00 and head for the Mill Creek anchorage just below the Potomac River and hope to move on to Solomons on Sunday and anchor. From there, who knows? The weatherman certainly doesn't. Wish us luck.