Saturday, May 5, 2018

Georgetown- at a dock

Georgetown has a harborwalk like many down here. It's nice with ipe wood and lots of shops
We had intended anchoring out tonight at Awendaw but when we reached McClellanville, we had a 4 ft tide and figured we ought to move along even though it would be a long day, over 60 Nm. We reached the Ben Sawyer Bridge just in time for the 10:00 am opening. It only opens once an hour on weekends.

The local governments seem to have lots of money for boats like this but no money for dredging
The first hurdle was getting through the shallows just north of the bridge. The stretch has shoaled in again down to 3.8 MLW! I was very surprised since it was just dredged last year. Since we had a 4 ft tide, we made it through without a problem. I thought that would be the worst stretch but then we found several other 3.8 MLW spots including one by Minum Creek where we only had a 2 ft tide. I'll update Active Captain the first chance I get but it keeps getting more shallow every year!

Fleetwing at rest for the night
We pushed on to Georgetown and we're now tied up to Georgetown Harborwalk Marina for the night. We will move on to Barefoot Landing marina or one other nearby on Sunday. We had great trouble getting ahold of Barefoot Landing. No one answers the phone and I'm wondering if the marina is defunct. I know that the new buyer of Barefoot Landing was raising rents and driving many of the businesses out with the higher rates. Perhaps the marina met the same fate.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob and Ann- Congratulations on making it to Georgetown! That’s a challenging stretch that drives us off shore! We’ve continued to use the Aqua Map app and continue to find it a good replacement for Garmin Blue Chart. Two things that could be improved: the Statute Mile markers are very difficult to find and require a very specific level of zoom which is hard to get right, more prominent ICW Statute Mile markers would be helpful; the search function doesn’t really work well on chart features such as towns, marinas, and bodies of water. A more robust and reliable search function is needed. Thanks for seeking user input, Bob. Safe travels to you. Now that we’re in Norfolk, it seems unlikely we’ll meet up with you. But when you get to the Annapolis area, please let us know if there’s anything you need. If you’d like to try an alternative to your Rhode River Anchorage try Harness Creek on east bank of South River. There’s a great dinghy dock at the public park there for hiking and Hoolie relief. And a West Marine just across from park entrance.
SV Fancy Free

Tim said...

Try the Barefoot Marina just across the way. Nice folks and good restaurant. 843-390-2011
By the way, used Aqua Map last month going north and feel indebted to you for the recommendation. Great app!

Tim Tiernan


M/V Beverly S said...

We stopped at Barefoot Landing on 5/1/18. We called, left a message and got a call back from Brandon who runs the boat rentals as well as the marina. There was no electricity yet, but the dock was wide open and all we needed was a place to tie up for the night. Lots of construction going on. BTW we encountered serious shoaling between Swansboro and Morehead City in the traditional areas. Thanks for all your comments on Active Captain. You are an invaluable resource!

Bob423 said...

Laura, I’m keeping a list of further enhancements needed. I’ll add your requests to the list. There’s a lot more capability coming. They have a talented development team. It looks like other apps are dropping by the wayside on Active Captain support. Aqua Map is now in the middle of implementing the new api which will support the new Eoropean privacy requirement.

Tim, Barefoot Marina was full so we’re stopping at Grande Dunes. Glad you like Aqua Map.

Beverly, Shallotte was dredged and Lockwoods Folly has a GPX route that should be good. New River
Has the “dip route”. Browns inlet also has a GPX Route for safe passage. There are a few others I know about but they all have ways around the shallows unless there’s something new.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,
Since you are asking for user feedback on Aquamap, we've used it for our trip from Melbourne, FL to Jacksonville, FL. What I did prefer on Charts & Tides as compared to Aquamap was their Distance Tool. Aquamap allows you to measure distance between the 2 points by touching a chart with 2 fingers simultaneously, whereas Charts & Tides allows you to measure the distance between various points as if building a route. We found it more convenient to use.
Natalia & Andrey
SV Bella Vita

Bob423 said...

Natalia, I had exactly the same reaction but later realized it was nothing more than the use of the routing tool without saving the output. It has exactly the same function.
- Tap the location of where want to start.(too short a tap creates nothing, too long a tap makes a waypoint, in between makes the start of a route)
- Then tap the left-most icon (looks like a small route).
- Tap out a route, the total distance is kept by a counter at the top,of the page
- When done, tap “End Edit” and chose not to save the route.

I’m considering writing a manual for American users (free of course). The app has a lot more capability than is apparent at first glance, I have images of the steps I outlined but I can’t insert them here.