Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mill Creek Anchorage - at anchor

It really is a  beautiful anchorage
We backed out without a hitch this morning even though there was a sailboat next to us and we only had about two feet of clearance. This time we remembered to release all the lines. The last time we were here, we forgot the mid cleat line and we came to a sudden stop! (me to Ann, "Why did you stop?", reply - unmentionable)

I decided to start Round 2 of the Weather App Shootout. We were headed up the Chesapeake and it can always be chancy on predicting the weather. I will be doing another article for Waterway Guide on the outcome.

Hoolie is fixated on that sandy beach!
We have lost confidence in The Weather Channel. It always seems to predict worst-case weather that rarely materializes. We've gone over to using that works better for us. It's free too.

The anchorage at Mill Creek is classic Virginia. It's rural and peaceful. The depths are around 10 ft and the holding is good. There is total protection from any wave action and there is a high bank with trees on top for pretty good wind shielding too. There is even an area for Hoolie relief at a deserted, sandy beach under a 10-foot high bank.

We will spend the night and leave late morning for Solomons across the Potomac. it's windy in the morning but it calms somewhat later in the day for our crossing. We are still about two weeks behind our schedule of last year but at least we are finally on the move.


BB said...

Hi Bob & Ann- thanks again for all of your great input and help about a Hinckley Yachts! We will be crossing Snow’s Cut tomorrow and the horrid New River Inlet on Tuesday. Are the waypoints in your book still applicable? Thanks so much for EVERYTHING you do!

BB & Ran
S/V Venture

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about your weather app shootout. My very favorite app “Storm” has apparently been sold to the Weather Channel. The new app is a disappointment. Looking forward to your final recommendation.

PC in NC

Bob423 said...

BB & Ran, be sure to use the routes posted on the “GPX Routes” page in the blog. Only those routes are kept up to date.

PC in NC, I collected all the info today on round 2, now I just have to find the time to write it up!

Mary Minard said...

Following weather ap info with great interest, thanks Bob!

Unknown said...


Love your book.

Which IPad did you recently get and do you recommend a water resistant, from splash spray or a waterproof cover?


Bob423 said...

Andre, the best one now is the 2018 iPad for $325. It's much faster than my iPad Air 2. However, you will need the 128GB version and the cellular-capable option in order to get the GPS chip. That will add cost but it's a good buy and it's usable right out of the box for nav apps. As for the water-resistant cover, I don't have one since I use it under the bimini but there are lots of choices on the market. You will need a holder for use at the binnacle. RAM sells good ones.