Thursday, May 10, 2018

Swans Point Marina - at a dock

Some original artwork on a boat in the yarde
Today was a very long day. It wasn't all that far, a little over 40 Nm but we had three bridges that had to open and two of them only opened once an hour on top of the hour. This stretch of the ICW in North Carolina is the worst on the ICW for making bridges. They are spaced so it can't be done in a boat doing only 7.3 kts. We made the first bridge on time because we left when we had to from Carolina Beach but the second bridge which opens on top of the hour and at 30 minutes past is not spaced for a boat doing 7 kts. We missed that opening and waited around for 30 minutes and then headed for the last bridge at Surf City and missed that one by 12 minutes. So we had to circle around for 48 minutes waiting for the next opening. Not fun.

The Surf City bridge is being replaced by a 65 ft bridge! That's the good news. However, we don't know when it will be completed but we've been assured that the old swing bridge will be removed when it's done. That will alleviate a lot of pain in traveling the ICW through here. We would have made all these bridges if the tide had been with us but we had a steady knot of current against us the entire way! You would think they would reverse when passing by inlets but no such luck.

Smoky Chicken Fajita
We pulled into Swan Point Marina around 4:00 pm. It's not a gem for a marina but it's spaced just right for us. There are no good anchorages nearby with shore access so we need a marina for Hoolie. Ann prepared a great meal, the recipe, Smoky Chicken Fajita. which we had with rice and beans.

Secure for the night on their outside facedock (it's too shallow inside)
On Friday we're headed to Homer Smith's Docks and Marina, one of our favorites on the ICW. It is also a shrimp dock and you can always get fresh shrimp for dinner. He also has a courtesy car you can use and brand new washers and dryers.


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Hoping you make it back by Father's day!!