Sunday, May 27, 2018

Atlantic City - At the Golden Nugget docks

The Golden Nugget is nothing if not full of glitter
The forecast was for a lazy ride north to Atlantic City with winds maxing out at 10 kt behind us all the way. You all must know the outcome since I'm mentioning this. All was well for the first couple of hours then a rain storm came through and everything changed. The south wind of 10 kts became a north wind (on the nose!) of 15 kts! Gradually the wind increased and by the time we were docked safely, it had risen to 27 kts (in the marina!) That sounds like another Weather App Shootout article for Waterway Guide, I'm behind in my writing by three articles. I'll work on them Monday since it's a layover day waiting for weather.

This is in the marina! One wonders the strength outside
We celebrated getting past Cape May with a dinner out at the Charthouse Restaurant in the Golden Nugget. Since we seem to make a habit of passing through Atlantic City on the Memorial Day weekend, the place was packed - and the rates were higher than normal for the docks too. The meal was good and now we're back in our warm boat. The temps have dropped to below 60l in a couple of hours and I guess we've finally run out of warm weather. It was 85 yesterday in Cape May.

Ann loves Grand Marnier desserts, she got her wish
All the apps agree that Tuesday is a good day to travel north along the New Jersey coast. We hope they are right. It always seems that the best weather is a day away. Once that day arrives, it somehow turns out not to be what was predicted, at least by most of the apps (but not all...) Stay tuned for the weather shootout articles.