Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Coinjock - at a dock

We are packed relatively loosely this time around
It was a great day to cross the Albemarle with southwest winds, always behind us. We usually see fuzzy bills as riders but not this time. It was the biting flies that kept us busy swatting. You really wonder where they come from in the middle of the Albemarle, 10 miles from the nearest shore, but find us they did.

As I said, every space is taken
Our luck with good weather is about to come to an end, we think. There is rain in the forecast for Wednesday on our trip north to Hampton but maybe it will hold off until late afternoon. We have a little over 50 miles to go and three bridges that have to open for us to pass through. Great Bridge is right in front of a lock and then there's the famous Gilmerton bridge which won't open after 3:30. If we leave at 7:00 am, we should make all the bridges in time. We will be docking at Hampton about when the rains are due, oh well.

Whenever we're in Coinjock, we have dinner at the restaurant with their featured prime rib dinner. It was as good as ever and I would recommend it to all who pass through the area. The marina here is just one long face dock but tonight they are full. Most of the boats are much bigger than us and there's no dock space to spare. The dockhands make sure of that by packing boats much tighter than at any other marina. The bow of one will usually overlap the aft section of the one in front. It's all part of making sure everyone has a spot and maximizing the revenue I suppose.