Wednesday, May 2, 2018

St Johns Yacht Harbor in Charleston - at a dock

Farmer's markets are always a hit with cruisers - this one had outstanding vegetables! 
We didn't have far to go today so we got a lazy start around 8:30 am. We didn't have any shallows until we reached Watts Cut but then we had a 5 foot plus tide. As I called out the depths, Ann reduced all the readings to MLLW and today we saw a minimum of 5.3  MLLW on the southern part of the cut. However, you had to be very careful to stay in the channel which was much narrower than depicted on the charts. I used Navionics SonarCharts to ensure staying in the deepest part of the cut and I found it accurate.

We then went through the east exit of Dawho River where we've seen 3.8 ft MLW in the past but this time I took the new route as listed in my entry on Active Captain and saw no less than 8.0 MLW all the way, mostly deeper. The entire stretch from Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff to a little beyond the east exit of the Dawho River is due to be dredged over the next 6 months. It's been long overdue and hopefully, in the fall, we won't have to worry about shallows in that area.

The boats are all raised up out of the water, but just on this dock.
It's a very slow process on the way down but it keeps the bottom clean.
We are in the St Johns Yacht Harbor marina and we have a car reserved with Enterprise for all day Thursday. Ann needs a shopping fix and I want to browse through the Apple store downtown. Ann will carry her $30/year phone which we use as walkie-talkies. Her phone uses the Verizon network at a very low cost. I'll have our regular iPhone so we're always in touch. Earlier today we met two couples that knew me from my Active Captain postings and we took one couple's offer of a trip to a local farmer's market. Ann loaded up on fresh vegetables, the hardest thing to come by on a cruise.

We plan on lunch and after Ann's shopping spree, getting groceries at Harris Teeter, Ann's favorite grocery store on the ICW.