Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Atlantic Highlands - at anchor

Our dinghy, worn out by a Brittany
Today was predicted to be a perfect day to go north to the Atlantic Highlands. Every weather app agreed that it was going to be a good day and for once every app was right! What wind there was came out of the south at around 10 kts for most of the trip but it was a little sloppy from the swells hitting the boat broadside when there was very little wind to steady the deck. We made the trip in 11 hours, 15 minutes.

It's a nice, protective anchorage, recommended
We need a new dinghy. The AB marine dinghy we have is 16 years old! Hoolie has worn off all the Hypalon coating on his side of the dinghy. Now it's down to fabric and that's starting to spring multiple leaks from his claws as he excitedly leaps over the side for land. It's tough toning a Brittany down so he calmly leaves his dinghy - he all excitement as he comes to a sandy beach or dock. New dinghies have shot up in price. What used to cost $1800 is now $4500, such is inflation. With that, we're now looking for a used dinghy but those are few and far between but that's our assignment for the next month. We really do need a reliable dinghy for Hoolie.

Max flood tide under the Narrows is around 8:30 AM which provides us with the opportunity to ride the flood tide all the way to PYC. You can ride a flood tide but you can't ride an ebb tide. The peak flood tide moves up the river so it's in the direction you're going which is not the case if you're going down the river. So with the tide in our favor, we hope to reach PYC with the tide still behind us with a plus 1 to 2 kts of current. That makes a big difference for sailboat what only moves at 7 kts. It will involve an early morning departure, not one of Ann's favorites things but necessary to catch the tide this time around.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,
Not sure if you are aware of this resource: www.craiglist.com. We've upgraded our dinghy this year through Craiglist at a very reasonable price. You might want to check dinghy listings at every location you stop on your way home!