Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hampton - We visit with Gordon and Eta

A surprise present for Gordon upon returning from the Bahamas and the ICW
If you're away from your home having fun on the ICW, what do you do with your car? You need to unhook the battery since most cars of recent vintage will have a small drain on the battery for housekeeping functions like security. I came home to dead car batteries for the first couple of years until I learned to take one of the terminals off the battery to disconnect it. Another soluttion is to remove the battery entirely and store it inside if you have no room in your garage.

Unfortunately, this leaves a cozy space under the hood. Imagine the surprise when Gordon lifted the hood of his car after many months of absence only to find a possum family in the battery compartment! He left the hood open for a day or so and eventually the possum family left for better prospects but he had a mess to clean out what was left of their nest.

Nothing left to solve, we voted to let the next generation handle it
We learned of all this when we were invited over for dinner with Gordon, Eta, and their friends. Eta made an excellent dinner of lamb with all the trimmings. We solved the world's problems in less than two hours, what a record! If only we were elected...

We are watching the weather for the first window to go north. Friday doesn't look good but we're open on the next days although they don't look ideal. We'll wait and see.