Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tolers Cove Marina at Charleston - We provision and do laundry

I have no idea what that duck is, never saw one with a crown of feathers
We are now on a bee line for Titusville. The weather is predicted to be excellent for making good time. The only problem is that we'll hit all the shallow spots at mostly dead low tide. Of course that provides some of the entertainment of traveling the ICW but I would prefer it to be just a little duller in that respect. If all goes according to plan, we'll be in Titusville on November 3 (where have you heard that before - if everything goes according to plan...)

Ann enjoys Harris Teeter supermarkets!
Regardless, we're out of here Wednesday morning and plan on anchoring at Steamboat Creek. In fact we're in the part of the trip now where we're anchoring the rest of the way. There are good anchorages along this stretch of the ICW and you can get to shore without the fear of alligators. We plan on ignoring the time change by not setting our clocks back November 1. From past experience, if we converted to standard time from daylight savings time, then my nightly trips with Hoolie to shore would take place in the dark. I rather not do that.

Last sunset at Tolers Cove Marina
The marina here provides free trips to the local supermarkets which in our case is Harris Teeter and even a trip to the laundromat. Both are less than 5 min away. It's more convenient than having a car. The marina is home to a fleet of fishing boats, large Viking boats and a few other makes. When in season, like in the spring, they will leave in the early morning hours before daylight, waking everyone up if they're on a boat. This time of the year they are not active in the mornings, thankfully. It will be a later start then usual since the Wappoo Creek bridge doesn't open for boaters until after 9:00 am.


Anonymous said...

A white crested Drake, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I believe DST is scheduled to change on Nov. 6th