Wednesday, October 12, 2016

St James Plantation Marina - Updating ACOE waypoints

Morning on the ICW looking east
The Wilmington Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) is really on the ball. They've already surveyed Lockwoods Folly inlet along the ICW after Matthew. The waypoints through the inlet on the ICW did not change much and Hank Pomeranz will come by tomorrow in his Whaler and we will make a pass through Lockwoods Folly to see if the waypoints are still good. Given the recent survey by the ACOE after Matthew, I suspect everything will be fine.

To see the latest survey of any of the shallow areas, just click on "ACOE Survey Updates" at left. The links are to the ACOE website and will show the latest survey (the ACOE uses the same link for a given area so updates are automatically shown with the same link). Most recently, Lockwoods Folly was surveyed again on Oct 11, 2016 with waypoints included.

Not much progress on the unfinished house
As to the waypoints, I've put all the waypoints into one GPX file which can be downloaded to the Garmin Mobile app on the iPad in one pass. Just click on GPX Routes and then select BAllFiles, attached it to an email using your laptop or desktop and send it to yourself. When you open the email on your iPad and put a long press on the file, you will get a choice of downloading it to Garmin. Once downloaded, you will have all the separate files listed in GPX Routes. The BAllFiles GPX file just collects them into one place for easy downloading. Return periodically to GPX Routes to look for updates. An updated BAllFiles will have a suffix like "2" or "3" if there are changes.

You can try to do the download using Safari  but in my experience it only works on 1/2 of the iPads and I do not know why but the email technique always works - so far.

Today was more fine weather but we stayed put. The rivers south of us are not due to crest until Friday at the earliest so we're staying put to let the waters recede somewhat, aiming for a Tuesday departure date.


Doug Peterson said...

Thanks much for all the info Bob!
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