Friday, October 14, 2016

St James Plantation Marina - Getting ready

 Barefoot Landing marina damage, courtesy of  Nile Schneider 
We had intended renting a car today but they were all taken. There's a great demand for rental cars given the flooding around here. We've made arrangements with Barefoot Marina for a ride to the nearest Walmart for provisioning so we're fine.

From our friends along the ICW we learned that Barefoot Landing Marina, the one with the long dock next to all the shops, suffered damage and will not be open for awhile expect for a few spots along the undamaged portion of their dock. We will go across the channel to Barefoot Marina which came through unscathed.
This section of the ICW was exposed to the east winds of Matthew and suffered
We have friends traveling down south by car and they stopped by Fernandina and found that the marina there, the Fernandina Harbor Marina, is closed due to damage by hurricane Matthew and will probably not reopen until spring. That's the marina everyone stops at for access to Fernandina.

When we made our run to Lockwoods Folly yesterday, the ICW was clear of debris including adjacent to rivers so we feel good about heading south again on Monday. There is still lots of flooding south of us but the ICW should be passable.


Doug Peterson said...

Hi Bob and Ann,
Thanks for paving the way!
Please don't forget to note the fixed bridge clearance heights for those of us with 60+ sticks!
Thanks again,
Doug & Victoria

Anonymous said...

Is the picture of Barefoot Landing not Fernandina?

Bob423 said...

Groan, yes you are right, it's Barefoot Landing Marina. I corrected the on line blog.

Unknown said...

Greetings from Mary and Rod aboard s/v Pegasus currently making our temporary home at Barefoot marina waiting for things to calm down before we head south in about 2 weeks or so. We are on A dock so you will pass us on the way in on Monday. Come say hello and we have a rental car and would be happy to take you to Walmart or anywhere else you need to go.

FYI, bridge clearances heading south to Winyah have been as low as 58' yesterday and today ... Very little traffic.

Safe travels.

Bob423 said...

Rodney, your offer is greatly appreciated but we received a loan of a car yesterday from a friend here at St James. We had intended renting a car but there were none available due the flooding - people had lost cars and Enterprise's business was booming. We plan on two days at Barefoot Marina, we'll look you up Monday. Was the 58 ft height at low or high tide?

Doug, thanks for reminding me. I'll continue taking photos along the way.

Unknown said...

Hi, Bib - Mary here. Don't know if reading was at low or high tide. Have also heard today that Socastee bridge is not operating - not sure if due to water levels or mechanical issue. Several boats headed south this morning only to turn around and return. Water levels are extremely high just south of here and expectation is that they will remain so into next week.

We require 63.5' bridge clearance so we will stay put for at least another week and then assess - may have to backtrack north to go out Little River Inlet.

Safe travels and we'll see you later.

Mary and Rod

Bob423 said...

Rodney, please let me know of any changes in the Socastee bridge status. If it's still closed Monday I'd as soon stay at St James Plantation.

Unknown said...

Bob, unfortunately we have only learned of bridge status through word of mouth as boaters have passed through here. Would suggest you call one or more of the marinas south of here (e.g. Osprey) before you leave for most updated information. Safe travels.

Bob423 said...

Rodney, we only stayed at Barefoot Landing for one day. They were expecting a repair crew to arrive soon so we moved on to Grand Dunes which has a weekly rate. I called the bridge this morning and they now expect the bridge to be closed until sometime next week. Grand Dunes looks nice enough but there's nothing here.

They said the electrical box was underwater and also the gears. The electrical box has to be above waters dried out and then repaired, not a couple day affair. The gears that rotate the bridge likewise have to be inspected, greased, etc. before the bridge can swing.

Unknown said...

Hi, Bob - Mary here. Thanks for the update. We will remain at Barefoot Marina until at least middle of next week and then try to head north and out the Little River Inlet if we can clear the two unmarked, fixed bridges north of here. We require 63' 6" so it will be a bit of a challenge.

Take care and hope to see you down the line.
Mary and Rod