Wednesday, October 5, 2016

St James Plantation - Car rental day

Flowers are still in full bloom down here
Enterprise will pick you up at the marina for free and take you to their office to sign for a car. We've found that the cost of a car for a day is comparable to the cost of a taxi right to and from a grocery store plus you get the use of a car for sightseeing. As is the custom everywhere, if there's a storm coming, everyone goes out and buys bread and water. The bread shelves were empty but were being restocked at the time we arrived with "balloon bread", a white, soft loaf. We prefer whole wheat that's much denser but we made do.

The talk of the marina is the coming storm. Matthew is now predicted to turn even farther out to sea and more people are considering whether it's really necessary to completely strip the boat of all canvass and sails. We will cross that bridge on Thursday. For now, everything is still on the boat.

Calm before the storm?
More boats are coming into the marina. We met a couple today that have an apartment in the complex that invited us over if the weather got too bad. It turns out that the power catamaran they just bought formerly belonged to Mark and Diana Doyle of ICW cruising guides fame. They related getting VHF calls wanting to talk to Mark or Diana (who bought an RV and touring the west). With Matthew heading farther out to sea, we shouldn't have to take advantage of the offer.