Wednesday, October 26, 2016

B and B Seafood - at anchor

A sea of grass, that's B and B Seafood's shrimp boat on the way in
We had intended anchoring out at Steamboat Creek but we found ourselves at the entrance by 12:30 and so why not go farther. We reached the north entrance to Dawho River with a rising tide of 1.0 ft so we soldiered on. I saw one reading of 5.6 MLW between G115 and R116 with the rest of the way being much better. The way through mostly followed the ICW line but I'll add more details in my Active Captain post.

Watts Cut wasn't as bad with the lowest reading being a brief 6.1 MLW flash between G143 and G141.  It was mostly 7 to 10 MLW all the way. For those following bridge heights: Limehouse Bridge read 69 ft with a 1.9 tide, MnKinley Washington Jr bridge read 69 ft with a 1.2 ft tide.

Nothing like having your own shrimp boat, cannot be fresher!
We like to stop at B and B Seafood since they have their own shrimp boat which brings in fresh shrimp everyday. However, today their docks were already taken, I guess the good news spreads too quickly - I've got to stop writing about all the special stops I guess - but I won't. I tell all. There is an anchorage just around the bend beyond B and B that was plenty big enough for us so we dropped anchor there and I dinghyed to their docks. I bought a pound of fresh shrimp and we had it for supper, cannot be beat!

Sunset over a sea of grass and hammocks in the distance
We are now in the grasses of the ICW. As far as the eye can see, a sea of grass occasionally broken up by a hammock, a relatively high spot (a few feet) populated by trees. We have to pick our anchorages carefully to find a spot for Hoolie, most anchorages have no shore access. The weather continues to be outstanding for traveling south with temps in the 70's, no rain, full sun, and little wind. We will continue onward Thursday to reach either Isle of Hope Marina or Kilkenny Marina. We are rushing south!