Sunday, October 2, 2016

Important ACOE Updates

Boats have been going aground at Brown's Inlet. The route through hasn't changed that much but the green 61A buoy has moved. The ACOE even charted it's current location. Compare the two ACOE charts below:

From 6/30/2016

Note position of 61A, you pass it port going south
Survey on 9/23/2016

Note position of 61A, it's in the red and passing to port going south will ground you
I would hope the Coast Guard corrects the placement of 61A soon! Until then I'm using the ACOE waypoints.

Look at the complete chart by the ACOE with waypoints here. You can the latest ACOE charts of the shallow spots at by blog site. Just click on ACOE Survey Updates under Cruising Tips at the left. The links will automatically download the latest survey for the areas listed.
Blog site:

The GPX files will be updated in a few days although there's not much change at Brown's Inlet, it's just that 61A is in the wrong place.