Friday, October 21, 2016

Marina Inn at Grand Dunes - NEWS FLASH - Socastee Bridge now operational!!

An overview of the Marina Inn at Grand Dunes
We had a confirmed reservation for a car this morning but to no avail. Apparently they didn't tell their internet page that they had no cars. So I made another reservation for Monday and was told that was approved, so far. There is a Lowes Foods store across the street and even a CVS so we are fixed for essentials. This marina is fine for long term stays but it's a desert for anything to do.

I was asked why don't boaters just go outside to Winyah Bay? Well, many have done just that. It's a 67 Nm trip to Georgetown going outside if you overnight first at Calabash Creek which is just by the Little River inlet. It's far from a class A inlet but doable for a sailboat if you're careful. We chose not to do that so we'll wait for the Socastee bridge to be repaired.

I'll still take the sunset photos, always nice
We are due for a car Monday morning and if that holds up we'll visit the Socastee bridge and take photos and perhaps see first hand what the status is on the opening date. After that we'll just explore the area and provision for the rest of the trip. We've already written off getting to Titusville in time for our slip on 11/1/2016. We will still get there, just not on 11/1.