Sunday, October 2, 2016

Cedar Creek - at anchor

We've had nice sunsets this year
The weather was perfect for traveling today. The threat of thunderstorms disappeared and the sun came out with winds of only 5 kts. We've had some rough trips down the Neuse River. It can get very rough with winds opposing current in the river but today it was as calm as a lake with no wind. We had a long day yesterday so we wanted a short day today. We dropped anchor about 12:30 and relaxed the rest of the day.

Here's Hoolie's  beach
As you might expect, we watching the Matthew closely and we want to be further inland, away from the area of North Carolina that pokes out into the Atlantic. So the plan is to take a dock at Swan Point Marina, then Carolina Beach followed by either St James Plantation or Barefoot Landing and then take a close look at Matthew for our next destination. So far the spaghetti projections still have it taking a right turn into the open Atlantic and away from land. I hope they are right!

Still projected to miss the US
Meanwhile, I have some challenges tomorrow with the first of the shallow waters. Brown's Inlet is first up with reports on Active Captain of boats going aground trying to follow the two buoys in the famous S curve. One boat reported that the green buoy off station. I'll get a personal view on Monday and I'll report back here on what I find. I have the ACOE waypoints loaded that are available from the blog site and if the buoys are off station, I'll just follow those waypoints. Unfortunately, I'll hit Brown's Inlet with a falling tide, oh well.


Quest NT 42. Mary Minard said...

Wish you well...but my greatest fear in following in your footsteps is that you will hit the problem spots all at flooded waters and leave us all to deal with the low!

Bob423 said...

Mary, I will do my best to correct all readings to MLW including storm surge if I can.