Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hurricane Updates

(9:35 pm update)

The back end of the storm was worse than the front end. We walked out to check on the boat but got no closer than 10 ft from the building! Too much wind!

(4:50 update)
We are in the eye! The winds have calmed down, at least temporarily.
There's no getting to Fleetwing at high tide!

Here's the approach to our dock
Here's a picture in the eye. The wind is calm and there's no rain
Once past the eye, we'll see 40 to 50 kt winds out of the north for the next 24 hours. We are not out of this yet.

(2:05 pm update)

It's getting a little windy!

(1:30 pm update)
Docks at St James Plantation
The water is still rising even though high tide has passed. The hurricane is speeding up and the eye is now projected to be over us at 6:00 pm with the wind dropping to 6 kts during its passage. We plan on taking photos then. Fleetwing is fine, riding well. Wind projections remain in the 50 kt range with higher gusts as Matthew approaches although we hope we won't see that here in the marina. Stay tuned for hurricane eye photos.

We were awaken during the night by loud flapping which is sure to wake up a sailboater. It was the house under construcction in the background. 
As of 10:50 am
The winds started in earnest early this morning with gusts to 30 kts so far. We looked at the grib prediction on PocketGrib and saw the projected path of Matthew will have the eye pass directly over us! We will be in the eye 7:00 pm if the grib prediction holds true. The National Weather Service still has Matthew passing off shore but we've seen where the grib predictions have been more accurate in the past. The maximum wind is projected to be 53 kts with gusts to 64 kts just after the eye passes over us.

As for us, we've accepted the kind offer by Dan and Eileen McKay for a room for the night when the maximum winds are expected. We can see Fleetwing from their porch. I'll update the blog from time to time as the hurricane approaches.


Unknown said...

We've been watching the track of Matthew on radar and on the weather channel. It looks like flooding is going to be a real concern in NC. Thank you for the update. We've been so worried about you both. Hope Hoolie is O.K. I think your plan to stay off the ICW for a couple of weeks is a very sound. Stay safe!
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I

Anonymous said...


We tried several emails to "" but haven't/didn't receive an answer so I assume they didn't get through. Coincidentally, our friends, Elizabeth and Robert, are also living at St. James Plantation so our contact for you likely wouldn't have been any better than that of the couple you met yourself as a matter of good fortune. N'any case, we have given them your names and the name of the yacht so, once things calm a bit, they may also seek you out to at least say hello even if you don't need any further aid. Hopefully everything continues to go well for you, Ann, Hoolie and Fleetwing and you'll merely have one more contact to add to you roster, eh?

Take care and keep well/patient (from other friends of ours south of you, the ICW is/will be a mess for a few weeks or more to "sit tight"!).


/s/ Scott'n Kitt
s/v HyLyte

Bob423 said...

Scott'n Kitt, I can't imagine what the problem is. I obviously get lots of emails with that address. I checked my spam folder and did not see you emails in it.

Thanks for the invitation to meet your friends, we're around most of the day except when out walking in the early morning and late afternoon. I'm interested in any and all news of the state of the ICW south of here. We are considering continuing our journey south next Tuesday, Oct 18.