Saturday, October 15, 2016

St James Plantation Marina - Dinner with friends

Just one good day after another
A nice part of traveling the ICW or any area of boating are the people you meet.  We all have similar interests and most but not all are free to wander (retired...) We all help each other. Jim just bought a power cat and today we were comparing the chartplotter of 10 years ago on the power cat with the iPad relative to ease of creating a route. The first instinct is to put your finger on the chartplotter to create a waypoint. Of course that does not work. The iPad is all touch sensitive in creating a route with just your finger. On top of that, the cost of the iPad and apps are a small fraction of the cost of a Raytheon chartplotter. Welcome to the modern age of boat electronics.

Dinner with boating friends is always nice
Tonight we were invited over for dinner with the Jim and Eileen McKay who were hosting two other boating couples who arrived in their own power catamarans. They are also headed south although at a much faster rate than us since they cruise at 17 kts or so vs our 7.3 kts. Great conversation and dinner!

We will take Sunday to refuel and unhook from all the lines we put out for the hurricane with the intention of leaving Monday morning for Barefoot Marina. The weather is still warm and we want to get south before cool weather sets in.


Anonymous said...

Bob and Ann,
Thw free dock at Sisters Creek was not damaged during Hurricane Mathew. I saw one sailboat tied up to it yesterday. Unfortunately our dock was damaged. We moved Vixen to Ortega River Marina to ride out the storm. All the boats rode out the storm fine, no damage at the marina. I will take you to Costco when you get to Jax.

The highrise bridge is complete at Sisters Creek. The bascule bridge is being dismantled.

sv Vixen
Jax, FL

Bob423 said...

Terri, that's great news A out the free dock. We will plan on staying there on the way down. Thanks for your kind offer, we'll probably take you up on that.