Monday, September 28, 2015

Solomons - at anchor by Holiday Inn

Doing algebra with Sarah - keep both sides of the equation happy!
Sarah adds to her blog:
This morning we were headed to Solomons bright and early. We had cereal and grapefruit this morning. Today was my first school day on the boat and I did algebra. Nana learned along so we both happily did algebra together and I have to say it was a lot of fun. When we were out in the ocean it seemed never ending, all I saw was water. At least it felt like it, that might be a little dramatic. Then finally we saw land and we went to go refuel at the fuel dock, we also got water. This is the water to flush the  toilets, we drink, and take a shower in. After that we went to a nice peaceful spot to anchor. I read out of my book called Deep Blue, its a interesting tale about mermaids and empire. Then I read my favorite comic Calvin & Hobbles, what a big mind he has. I also played in the dink with Hoolie again and this time he thought he was getting walked, but instead we pushed out together he really wanted to get off. Now were going to have some chicken for diner, yum. Now I have to go, but we will talk again till tomorrow bye.

We got a late start, around 9:00 but it was only 42 miles to Solomons and we had the tide with us so we arrived shortly after 2:00. The anchorage at Rhode River is secure but the bottom is very thick mud, luckily I have a washdown pump but it still took awhile to get all the mud off the chain and anchor. The wind was less than 10 kts so we motored all the way. Along the way Ann did her first day of home schooling with Sarah. I don't know who learned more about algebra, Sarah or Ann. She learned that whatever you do to one side of the equation you must also do the other side - otherwise the equation will get pissed off and not give correct results (as related by the commentary she read on the lesson plan). Actually, it makes good sense, great way to learn. 

Peacefully at anchor
Solomons is where we always take on fuel, water and dispose of garbage at Harbor Island Marina. It's an easy in and out, they are to port as you enter Solomons, right past the entrance. We motored on to our usual anchorage by the Holiday Inn dinghy dock. It's a great deal for $2/day. You get shore access and a calm anchorage. A big WestMarine is store only 10 minutes south and a Food Lion supermarket is about a mile north via a convenient sidewalk. If we're in need of supplies, it's a great place to stop. 

On Tuesday it's on to Fishing Bay YC for a free dock (if you're from a recognized yacht club). If not, it's also a great anchorage just off the docks on the creek side with a town dinghy dock for shore access. It's very quiet tonight and we're headed south before the newly formed storm reaches the Chesapeake on Friday.