Friday, September 25, 2015

Annapolis - New crew arrives

Nothing amuses kids as much as playing in a dinghy
The first task was to empty the aft cabin of all the stuff that it seems to accumulate when it's not being used by guests It's just amazing what collects back there. After that monumental task, we were ready. Sarah arrived with her family around 3:00 and after four trips with the dinghy (pack light?), everyone and everything was aboard.

The weather has turned cooler and there's a small craft advisory out for the bay on Saturday and rain in the forecast for Sunday. With that we're probably going to sit tight on Sunday and try to head some distance south on Monday, perhaps Rhode River or even Solomons if we can make it.

Time for dinner! Enjoyable, especially with automatic dishwashers (kids...)
Meanwhile, Hoolie is under the weather. He apparently found something on the sidewalk during one of our daily walks ashore and at the time found it good to eat. It came back up this morning when he was lying next to us on the bed, ugh. A trip to laundromat took care of that and Hoolie is none too peppy. Hopefully he'll feel better in the morning else we'll need a trip tot he nearest vet.

Saturday is "explore Annapolis day"  before Sarah's family leaves on Sunday. Sarah will be with us until we return in the fall for the holidays.


Unknown said...

Just missed you on the Rhode. Great anchorage there I use frequently.
Have a safe trip.

Mike P

Bob423 said...

We may be there Monday but most likely we'll head onward to Solomons and anchor. Look us up if you're there