Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Loaded up and ready to go on Thursday

Looking north towards the Catskills from PYC
 The list to go through to close up the house is monumental. It took about six hours but we finally got everything done by 3:30. We filled the minivan with everything we just couldn't do without but we are getting better at this after five years. The rule of thumb is you pack only twice as much as you ever use if you're really good. Judging from crew that we occasionally bring on board, first time sailors usually bring enough for a month for a three day cruise.

Peaceful night with a setting moon
The weather remains good for a Saturday run down the coast to Atlantic City and we even hope to make it to Cape May on Sunday, maybe. Saturday is high time at docks, the rates go down for Sunday so we may or may not take a dock. The plan is to anchor over at Haverstraw Bay, then anchor at Atlantic Highlands before moving on to Atlantic City.

The dinghy now has had two days to "cure" on the patch so it ought to be okay. We'll need the dinghy right away at our first stop in Haverstraw. So tonight it's calm and we'll start out around 10:00 or so after removing all the dock fenders which are screwed down. They will not "pop out" with a passing bow wave but they're more trouble to remove, I'll live with that for the added protection.