Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hampton - at Downtown Hampton Public Piers at a dock

The docks here are very secure, tied to heavy pilings and anchored to the seawall
Looking at the weather we could see we had a window before 3:00 to reach Hampton before the thunderstorms developed. Grib predicted light winds out of the south of less than 10 kts so that was okay. Unfortunately, the current was against us all the way even though it was supposed to be with us according to the current prediction sites. We've found the tides to  be fairly accurate but not the currents so much. Still, we finally made Hampton by 3:00 pm, just ahead of a thunderstorm.

The Downtown Hampton Public Piers is one of our favorite marinas. It's not very big, only a dozen or so slips and the slips are only have 1/2 length fingers, a bear to dock at sometimes with the current running crosswise. However, the dockhands are accommodating, they have one washer and one dryer for transient use, free use of bicycles and it's located within walking distance of downtown. Also, there's an Enterprise car rental agency within 200 ft of the marina, very convenient.  But let's not forget the biggest attraction - I'm staying for four nights this week (to avoid the hurricane coming up the coast) and the total cost including tax is $103.50 including one 30 amp outlet. Now to get this rate you have to join their "cruising club" at a cost of $50 for a 40 foot boat. Now since I stop over here going both north and south I split the $50 cost so the total cost for four days comes to $25 + $103.50 = $128.50, still very hard to beat for modern concrete docks that are suitable to survive a hurricane.

Well, we're tied off. The dockmaster said it was okay to block the slip next to us with the line
Speaking of hurricanes, we are holed up here until Joaquin makes it up the coast and out to sea.We figure the weather will clear up by Monday for us to continue south. Meanwhile, we are watching the track of the hurricane and getting ready. We'll rent a car for the weekend from Enterprise at their $10/day weekend rate ($30 from Friday to Monday) to provision and get other supplies. The storm track could take Joaquin right over the top of us, or out to sea, who knows? The most likely track is projected to go over Cape May with 28 ft seas hitting their coast! The next few days could be interesting, stay tuned.


Unknown said...

Hey guys...

Its been great so far following the four of you so far. Are you mainly under power or sail?

Will you stay on the boat if the tract of the hurricane goes over the outer banks?


Bob423 said...


We are almost always under power, often motor sailing. For this part of our trip we are "destination sailing" and therefore trying to make time. The good weather windows have been narrow this year so we have to make the best (quickest) use of time going south. We barely beat the bad weather in reaching Cape May and likewise in reaching Hampton. We're going to stay put until the weather clears, probably Tuesday, maybe Monday.

We'll stay on the boat, it's very protected here - unless the hurricane decides to smuck us amidships at Cat 3. That's another story,meaty tuned...

Unknown said...

Yes, watching the news here and it looks like he is going out to sea. I am suppose to be going down to Hatteras Village where our family has a house, but decided to stay in NJ and watch the flooding here.

We are enjoying following your trip. Good luck riding out the storm. I will be following closely.