Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cape May at Utsch"s Marina - at a dock

Great floating docks!
If we wanted to reach Delaware Bay anytime in the next week, we had to get to Cape May Sunday morning. After that the seas were to rise to 5 to 7 feet for the next week. The window was in the morning  before the winds piped up so we once again got up early and left the dock around 6:30 am.

One of the pleasures of boating - wine with friends along the way
The weather behaved just as predicted with calm winds in the morning but increasing by 10:00 to 15 to 20 kts. At least the winds were out of the north so we had the push behind us. If it were on the nose it would not have been doable. We waved to our summer condo at Ocean City but it was a little foggy so we didn't see much.

Since we knew we were in for a wait, we decided to ride out the high winds (15 to 20 with gusts to 30) in a well protected marina, Utsch's Marina. We found it rather nice at the $2/ft price that included electrical hookup and cable at no added cost. If you stay 6 days, you get the 7th day free but we don't plan on being here that long. Thursday looks like a good day to escape to the Chesapeake.

We met two men who sailed nonstop from Block Island to Cape May in a sailboat smaller than ours, a lot of time on the water non-stop! They are having fun and we had a great time talking sailing.

On Monday we're renting a car to explore the area, we've never seen Cape May, ought to be fun.