Saturday, September 19, 2015

Atlantic City - at The Golden Nugget Marina

Typical Megayacht at Atlantic City, mooring right in front of us
Up at 4:45 am, took Hoolie ashore and got off the anchor at 6:00 am. It was still dark and foggy, couldn't see anything and almost ran into shallows but recovered at the last moment and started out, whew! It didn't help that the windows were all fogged up so we just opened the forward window which worked but let in a lot of cold air.

Looking from our boat to the casino - loud music tonight
By the time we started moving, there was a faint glow in the eastern sky that gradually brightened but the dense fog remained. Onward we went, dodging numerous fishing boats (it was Saturday after all), making good use of our radar until the fog finally lifted around 11:00 am. At least the grib prediction was spot on as far as wind and waves, 5 to 10 mph and less than 1.5 ft waves.

Looking ahead, we have a 5 hour window to reach Cape May before the 20 kt winds and 4 to 6 ft waves start rolling in. The high wind and waves weather is due to last a week but by getting to Cape May on Sunday, we can go up Delaware Bay since the winds are out of the northeast which pushes across Delaware Bay, not down or up - which is not so bad as long as you time the passage so you don't get wind against the current.

We will probably stay in Cape May for several days to recover from our rapid transit down the coast. Aside from that, the alternator regulator is acting up. It charges but won't go into float mode which results in over charging, not good. Something else to look into later, there's always a list!


Unknown said...


This is a trip a hope to do a few times in my life. Look forward to following you.

I am out of OCNJ so I hope todays NE blow isn't too much for you.

Tom Styer

Bob423 said...


We're tucked into Utsch's marina at Cape May just before the strong winds arrived. We'll wait for calmer weather before venturing up Delaware Bay. As you might expect, we feel low the weather closely.