Thursday, September 24, 2015

Annapolis - at a mooring

Really, why would you need a tender with five outboards!?
We had the rare confluence of wind behind us and current with us all day. With that happy combination, we made Annapolis in 6 hours. The moorings are higher than average for the area at $35/night but then you're in the middle of things at a great sailing town. There's lots to look at as boats pass by the mooring field, that's a big part of the attraction Annapolis.

The really big boats are docked at the marina right south of us. One such boat has a tender with five huge outboards! Why would anyone need a tender with five outboards!? I guess if you have nothing else to spend your money on, then such a tender makes sense?

There are two dinghy docks, the northern one is much less crowded
We are awaiting the arrival of our newest crew member, Sarah Sherer, who will accompany us to Titusville. She may not know it yet but she'll have her own blog to do every night, just like her brother Matt when he was with us (he's now attending Roger Williams University in Rhode Island for a degree in architecture). We're told that we have to stay healthy enough for three more grandkids' turns on the boat! It may be a stretch but we'll try.

Meanwhile, the weather appears good for going south but we'll be in Annapolis until Sunday morning when we plan on moving a short distance down to the Rhode River anchorage with Sarah on board. We'll have a full boat for the weekend!


Abaco 37 said...

Hi Bob and Ann,
We are Christy and Doyle Miller. I purchased your cruising guide and have been following along on your blog. Our boat, the Abaco Lady is on the hard in Virginia Beach, we hope to launch and follow your wake south in mid-October, perhaps we will see you somewhere along the way.
Thank you for all the information and insights in your guide,
Doyle Miller
Abaco Lady is a Maryland 37 power catamaran

Bob423 said...

Christy and Doyle,

I'm glad you're enjoying the blog and book! I'll be leaving posts on Active Captain as I mov south, look therefor the latest updates.

Unknown said...

Hi Bob and Ann... what a small world. Found your blog from link on Waterway Guide. I have my boat on the South River just south of Annapolis (sorry it's power), but more importantly, I graduated from Roger Williams University in 1983.. I hope your grandson is getting in some sailing around the Bay up there.

Bob423 said...

Hi Normand,

Good to hear from you! We're in Geogetown now and continue to report on conditions along the ICW, stay tuned for details. Our grandson, Matthew, is in his first year of Roger Williams U in architecture, he's got a long road ahead.