Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hook Mountain Anchorage in Haverstraw Bay, NY - Peaceful

Looking north this morning, lazy fog

It was a perfect day for traveling down the Hudson River. The temperature was in the 80s with very little wind. In the morning, we had wisps of fog crossing the river in front of PYC but it warmed up fast and the day turned clear.

Looking south, very calm
I pumped up the dinghy and the repair appears to be holding. We shoved off around 10:00 am and with the good weather we decided to pass by the Croton Point anchorage and head into Hook Mountain.

Look at that dot by the power lines!
Along the way we saw a strange sight. A helicopter hovering between high tension power lines with a guy sitting on one side of the landing gear doing something to the power lines (maintenance?) You couldn't pay me enough to do that job! It would seem that the slightest gust would push the helicopter into the power lines with spectacular results!

here's a closeup of that dot!
Arriving at Hook Mountain I did the usual trips with Hoolie, once upon arriving and once more after 7:00 pm, his routine. There is a sandy beach for pet relief, convenient.

On Friday we're headed for the Atlantic Highlands anchorage, our staging area for Atlantic City on Saturday. The forecast still looks good but things could change.


Unknown said...


Am with you on that one ... not enough ca$h for me to do it

Bob423 said...

Yes, Ann is with me, can't do it alone.

Bob423 said...

Well, it helps to be retired.