Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Deltaville at Fishing Bay YC - at a free dock

One of our favorite yacht clubs, we're at the end of the dock on the right
I woke up this morning and we were moving early. It was calm at first and I read a lot about my book and some Calvin & Hobbles. Then it felt bad. I dazed for a while and fell asleep once and a while, but it felt horrible. It was also so hot and long I think we arrived at about three thirty. Then we were finally there and this time at a dock we been on anchors. This looked pretty welcoming and pretty. I helped Grandpa with the ropes and learned a knot. There fun to do when you get the hang of it. After we were all settled in and tied in we took Hoolie for a walk. It felt good to get off the boat after all of that rocking back and forth! Oh, it makes me feel bad thinking about it. Then we sat down and picked out some movies to watch tonight and checked the weather. Then it started raining a bit. Also Grandpa has the A/C down here so it feels so good. Also it looks so cool with drops of rain on the water current. Bad start, but happy ending, and at the end it turns out great, bye, Sarah.

We left this morning with high hopes of a smooth ride to Deltaville. We were encouraged by a good ride across the mouth of the Potomac which is usually where the rough water resides due to the current against wind that often happens here. But our ride was smooth and we thought we had seen the worse of the trip, boy were we wrong! The wind piped up to 14 kts from 10 and that might not sound much but the force of the wind increases as the square of the speed. So 14 kts is twice as forceful as 10 kts and the result showed in the wave action and in the response of the boat. We were suddenly on a broncoing horse in the shallow waters of the bay. The boat did fine, it's the crew that was uncomfortable. It was not unsafe in any way, just not a good ride. 

Sarah is learning all the duties of a crew member
Leaving at 7:30, we arrived at Fishing Bay YC at 3:30 and took their complimentary dock for visiting yacht club members. It comes with great hospitality and free electricity and water. We used it every year we've gone south, they expect us now. 

Looking at Wednesday, we don't want a repeat of today. It appears there's a window to go south with favorable winds starting around 11:00 am. It's a five hour passage to Hampton, Virginia where we'll hole up for the storm headed up the coast. I think we don't get out of there until Monday, depends on the weather.