Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rhode River - at anchor

Nice, calm anchorage
Sarah starts her blog tonight:
Today I said good bye to my family and headed off to Rhode River. When we got there it was very peaceful with lots of trees, some green and yellow. I got  to coil the ropes that means wind the ropes up. It's harder then you think. You have to twist the rope with your fingers. I played in the dink with Hoolie. Just to let you know if you don't know that a dink is a small boat, so when you anchor or go on a mooring ball (an anchor attached to a ball you can hook on to) to go on land if you have to. Then Hoolie didn't want to get out of the boat so I pushed him off into the dink and he just sat there. Then I brought him in and the only reason he wouldn't come out was because one tiny life jacket was in the way. What a weird dog. When we came back from walking the dog I washed the dink because it was all sandy from walking the dog. after that um... well after that I am here writing about the start of my adventure! To be continued

Hoolie's favorite island but it's a small beach at high tide
Sarah is our oldest granddaughter. She's being home schooled this year before returning to public school to start her high school years. Last year she traveled with us from Titusville to Key West so this year she's with us from Annapolis to Titusville. We plan on exploring Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Savannah, St Augustine and Titusville on the way south, a great adventure. 

Philip and family departed around noon and we returned to the boat with Sarah and was off the mooring in 15 minutes headed for the Rhode River anchorage. The forecast was for small craft advisories with wind to 15 kits and gusts to 20 with 3 ft waves but it was much calmer than predicted. Last night at Annapolis on a mooring was a disaster. A strong east wind piped up and the boat rocked side to side and pitched enough to wake everybody us and put a few things on the floor with a thunk! It's typical conditions at Annapolis in the mooring field, you never know what to expect. It appears well protected but it's all a sham. The waves work their way into the harbor and rock all the boats, even the ones docked on Ego Alley. 

It a beautiful rising moon tonight
Tonight, however, we're in Rhode River and there are no such surprises here, nice and calm. There's no way for waves to get in, thankfully. We'll head for Solomons on Monday and our anchorage by the Holiday Inn dinghy dock. The weather looks good for making Hampton by Wednesday afternoon.