Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Manhasset - at a free mooring

The cool dude, Matthew going on his Senior year in high school
The girls blogged today:

Today we went sailing, but there wasn't much wind so we had the sail and diesel. There are a lot of sliver fish, you can see their fins pop up. To me I think that they're tiny little sharks swimming in circles. We saw a lot of ferries when we left our anchor spot they made a lot of wave, I love to bounce on the huge waves. Bye Sarah.

Today was a sailing day, I felt a little bit better than I did yesterday.I started watching Fantastic Four, it's about four people who go into space that got hit by something and got super powers. I haven't finished it yet, so a spoiler alert! I'm reading a book called Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie, it's a diary of Hattie Campbell about how it was like to live during 1847 doing the Oregon Trail. I really like the book so far. I sad that is are last day, but I 'm excited that tomorrow I am going to see the Statue of Liberty for the first time!!    Bye, Natalie

There was no wind today and the Sound was perfectly flat. There was no sailing but at least we could motor at top speed without any wave action. So we hauled anchor at 9:00 and headed out. Matthew did all the anchor work which included a little concern when the windlass suddenly stopped working midway into the hauling process. After a couple of resets, it restarted and pulled the anchor up the rest of the way. I've got to look at that anchor relay (perhaps it recognized that it wasn't me at the bow?)

Nice day, cool temps, low humidity and a good day predicted for Thursday
Manhasset was deserted on a Wednesday afternoon. We had our choice of the 20 free moorings, only four were taken. What a contrast between Port Jefferson and Manhasset. PJ has no free moorings, no public dinghy dock and in general is not welcoming to transients. Manhasset is just the opposite! They have two free dinghy docks with the second one being right across the street from a huge Stop and Shop supermarket. One town is going to prosper and the other will die off. One wonders what is going through the city fathers' minds at town meetings??

Thursday will be a long day. We are going through Hell Gate with the last of the ebbing tide which has the advantage of a flood tide going up the Hudson River. This is good news. However, it means that it doesn't pay to stop off at Haverstraw Bay and lose the incoming tide so we'll go all the way to PYC. Hopefully, we'll be there by 5:30 or so