Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Branford at a dock - We eat at Lenny's

The Source - Lenny's!
Storms rumbled through all last night but we were secure in our anchorage in Port Jefferson. We had to wait in the morning for the last of the storms to pass through before leaving for Branford on the south shore of Connecticut. On the way across Long Island Sound, there was no wind, well we did have 5 kts but even that was on the nose so it was a motoring day. On top of everything else, it was chilly, in the 60's. It did warm up once we reached Branford but even now at 8:30 on a summer evening it's only 75 outside.

1st Irish Brigade - flag on display in Lenny's
We're staying at Bruce and Johnson's Marina and it's half empty, quite a contrast compared to years past when we've stayed here. Even empty, it's still $3.50/ft - perhaps that's a contributing factor. The marinas are finding out that they can't just charge anything they want but reducing a price is worse than a root canal for some of these owners. However, they are now offering 25% off for all visits after the first stay.

The primary attraction of Branford and the reason we come is Lenny's. We are a fan of fried clams. Not the kind you find frozen in supermarkets or even at most restaurants - we favor the "full belly clams". It's the whole clam, everything inside the clamshell. They are very sweet, nothing like "clam strips", ugh. They are very hard to find outside of New England and even there many restaurants don't carry the full belly kind. Lenny's does a fine job, not greasy at all and cook just right, they've had a lot of practice so they get it right.

After the storms - nice sunset
We're due for some engine work too which we scheduled for Thursday from McDonnell Marine. There's boat cleaning for our crew of grandkids arriving next week and other odds and ends so it will be a busy day. There is always something to do on a boat.