Friday, July 18, 2014

Stonington - At anchor

Welcome to Stonington - nice homes on the water
We had intended picking up a free mooring at North Cove on the Connecticut river but we made such good time that we continued on to Stonington. We were even able to sail for about an hour before the morning winds died. Meanwhile, the weather was cool and the humidity was around 50% all day, very unusual for Long Island Sound in late July but we'll take it! We're told it's from a summer version of the polar vortex that plagued the winter with extreme cold air - not so bad in the summertime. The high on Block Island is only predicted to reach 70 on Monday.

Guess which ferry didn't have AIS?? Everyone else did. 
We dropped anchor in the designated anchoring area which was carved out of the mooring field several years ago - so the visiting boaters who didn't want a mooring could anchor for free. The area is further behind the breakwater than where we used to anchor just off the fairway.

Nice to have a free dock
As we found a couple of years ago on our last visit, the town maintains a free dinghy dock right downtown, very convenient for visiting boaters. This place is alive with boaters, quite a contrast from Branford which looked practically dead. Here, the sailboats rule! I think I counted about a half dozen Hinckleys, beautiful boats!

There is a line between the barge and tug! Do not go between them.
Ann volunteered to take me out for lunch on Saturday so we'll pay a return visit to the Dog Watch Cafe, the place to eat in Stonington. They have reasonable prices and the food is good. On Sunday we plan on continuing over to Block Island before turning around and heading back west.