Saturday, July 19, 2014

Stonington - The Dog Watch Cafe

Nothing like a Hinckley sailboat
A little cool today, it barely got into the 70's. In the middle of summer, I didn't think about packing a light jacket.  Block Island is forecast to be only 68 for a high on Monday, cooler in the morning for the trip in with Hoolie. When we left Poughkeepsie we were concerned about hot weather, unfounded so far.

When in Stonington the place to eat used to be Skipper's but that's changed hands, Skipper's is no more. Now the crowd gathers at The Dog Watch Cafe located down by Dodson Boatyard. On weekends the wait for a table (they do not take reservations) can extend to 2 hours! Knowing this we went early, at 5:00 and still had a 20 minute wait. Once you eat there it's obvious why it's so popular. The portions are generous, the food is excellent and the service can't be beat. We had the Dog Watch rum punch (excellent, a couple each) and the calamari (plenty for two) and a lobster roll each (overflowing with lobster meat). If you're ever in Stonington, be sure to go there.

We took the dinghy down to the dock for the restaurant and along the way passed at least 1/2 dozen Hinckley sailboats. Each one was immaculate. I guess there's something about owning a Hinckley - one rule being that you must keep it in top-notch shape! I've never seen a run-down Hinckley. This must also  be an alternate location for the New York Yacht Club, lots of their burgees here.

Do it yourself ordering
One other place to not miss is the Seafood Market. It's a do it yourself selection of seafood that you pick out of an open freezer and then pay for on an honor system (open 24 hrs/day). During the day there's usually someone around to help with the money. All of their product is flash frozen in vacuum blister packs, perfect for storing in the freezer on a boat. They have local cod, local flounder, local scallops and other local fish. They do offer some imported fish such as salmon from Scotland. The prices are good and they are just right for dinners on a cruise.

We plan on leaving Sunday morning for Block Island and anchoring out for a couple of days. It's going to be cool but with our enclosure, it will be fine in the sun.