Monday, July 21, 2014

Block Island - Lunch at the Oar

The view from the Oar deck while having lunch (this is only about 1/4 of the harbor!)
The sum finally came out this afternoon after two days of cloudy skies. It actually warmed up to 70 today and now we sitting at anchor with absolutely no wind. The water is flat, good for reflections, beautiful. Even though it's not as crowded as on the weekend, there's still over a thousand boats here, at least. We toured the harbor in our dinghy just to explore the area. Taking a mooring is not necessary, there are lots of places to anchor.

Oars even in stairwells - at the Oar restaurant
We visited the Oar Restaurant this afternoon for appetizers and their version of a rum punch. They have outstanding Buffalo wings and we also added a side dish of calamari which was okay but not in the class of the wings. The Oar is noted for, you guessed it, all the oars that have been donated over the years and now hang from every available spot in the restaurant: ceilings, walls, stairwells, hallways, etc. They are all signed and dated to commemorate someone or some event. Have a lunch or dinner at the Oar on the deck with a view of the harbor is a must do activity when in Block Island! Be sure to have the wings.

Hoolie and I enjoy the setting sun
I think we'll head back to Stonington on Tuesday afternoon. The winds are due to pick up on Wednesday to 20 kts and kick up the seas to 3 to 5 ft waves so we would rather avoid that excitement. We'll anchor out again in Stonington and hope that we don't get the swells into the harbor like last time.