Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Port Jefferson - at anchor

Bill Spencer and Bill Washburn with Ann Sherer
We stayed over today in respect to the forecast of heavy thunderstorms throughout the day. Actually, we didn't see any storms until 4:00 pm but we're currently under a line of storms headed our way. They appear to be ready to last all night long. Oh well, we're anchored well along with three more boats that came in this afternoon. One of the boats was Lionheart captained by Bill Spencer and Bill Washburn. They paid us a visit around happy hour and we invited them to dinner. It is really great to meet friends on the water and enjoy the company of fellow cruisers.

The story of our day, rain and more rain
We spent the day just relaxing and fitted in some work on the outboard (oil change, new spark plug), the boat requires attention now and then. We went from being the only boat in the entire anchorage to being one of four, not very crowded. The moorings were still empty. They take up a lot of space with not much use.

The storms seemed to be delayed somewhat into Wednesday morning instead of ending Tuesday night so we'll look at the radar in the morning and decide on our departure time for Branford. We may not leave until the afternoon. Depending on when we arrive, we'll do Lenny's that afternoon or wait for Thursday.