Monday, July 28, 2014

Milford - another day at dock

The river running through Milford
The grandkids  blogged today:

Today sadly we stayed in Milford , but we still had a pretty good time. We did a lot of painting and crafts, in total I did  three paintings today. It was very windy, but very humid. Also I started a book today and ended the book today. It is a Magic Tree House book, they are full of adventure to me like sailing on the big ocean blue, it's joy when am sailing. Bye, Sarah

 I did not go sailing today, it was to windy and there would of been big waves. But I painted a butterfly and a princess. Also I played in the dink with my sister and when we went for a real dink ride, I saw a water fall up close. Say good by to taco Tuesday, because today I am having tacos and it is Monday. I had a big breakfast, that included; 2 and a half of munchkins, half a bagel, and a bowl of cereal, that's a lot. Bye, Natalie

It's a nice area. We took several dinghy rides with the crew.
As you can see, we stayed in Milford. NOAA issued a small craft advisory with gusts from 25 to 30 kts until midnight Monday. On top of the wind speed, it came directly out of the direction we would have to take to reach Port Jefferson, but then what else is new?! We used the UConn site for access to the weather buoys to confirm the predicted wind speeds and wave heights. We have often found that the lulls experienced in harbors give you a false sense of security in heading out to the open Sound. As you round the corner into the Sound, the wind suddenly picks up and the harbor lull is no more. 

Love that ice cream!!
So once again we visited Scoopy Doo's for ice cream which has become a favorite of the kids. On Tuesday morning we'll once again visit all the sites for the weather. We'll head either for Port Jefferson or Northport, depending on how much of an angle we can get on the wind, the goal being to sail, not motor. On Tuesday we're expecting northwest winds, good for crossing the Sound heading south.