Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stonington - at anchor

The town is alive with flowers, they are everywhere!
What a great day! We set sail out of Block Island around 10:00 and made it halfway to Stonington before the wind died. The wind was never very much but it was enough at 7 kts to propel us at 5 kts northwestward. With such little wind, Block Island Sound was flat, like sailing on a lake. We just lazed along.

We made it to Stonington around 2:00 and snugged in as far as we could to the western shore, trying to avoid any potential rolling action by mini-swells coming in. So far, so good. In addition to the interesting walking areas along the town streets, they have that great dinghy dock - so we're always attracted to Stonington. Plus, there's always something going on in the harbor like sailing dinks tonight.

Of course, we always enjoy the evenings
With high winds predicted for Wednesday, we'll probably stay here tomorrow and continue westward on Thursday to the Connecticut River. Everything depends on the weather as usual.