Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Port Jefferson - at anchor

The beach by PJ
At last we had a day of sailing! The storms subsided last night and the winds calmed down so much that it almost was too calm. We left Milford with only 7 to 8 kts of wind but as we got about 1/2 way, the wind picked up to 10 to 12 and the angle was enough to generate 6 kts or so of speed. The entire crew got a chance at the helm.

Hoolie loved the beach
Once we arrived at PJ and found it empty. We chose our favorite spot in the western anchorage by the north shore within 200 ft of Hoolie's beach. On this cruise, the kids get their own lunch and make lunch for us too. Ann cooks breakfast and dinner. For the first time ever, their parents (Monique and Philip) are childless at home for several days. Likewise for us in the opposite sense. It's quite a change but fun.

So it was to the beach to explore for shells, have a meatball and spaghetti dinner followed up by a return trip to the beach to build a fire for S'mores. Then it was back to the boat to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on our 32" LCD TV. The kids really have it rough on the boat.

Not far from for a Hoolie run
Wednesday will be a longer day as we make our way west to Manhasset for a free mooring. Given the light winds predicted, it will probably be a motoring day.